Energy Storage System Integrator

Max. DC input voltage (PV) 360V/DC
Rated DC input voltage (PV) 288V/DC
Operation voltage range 180-360V/DC
Start-up voltage 200V/DC
Rated DC input power (PV) 8Kw
Max. DC current 28A/DC
No. of DC input lines 2
No. of MPPT lines 2
MPPT voltage range 180-360V/DC
DC terminal type 直流断路器
Rated AC output power 5Kw
Max. AC output power 6Kw
Rated AC output voltage 220V/AC (0-280V configurable)
Grid connection Off-grid
Max. AC output current 27A
Rated output frequency 50Hz (configurable)
Rated output frequency range 50-70Hz
Power factor 0.99
Current harmonic wave <2%
Max. system efficiency 96.5%
Max. output fault current 34A
Standby/nighttime loss 15W
Protection level IP54
Cooling AF 风冷
Operation temperature 10-40℃
Altitude 2000 meters
Battery type 锂电(铅碳可选)
Rated voltage (V) 460.8V
Battery capacity (AH/Kwh) 44Ah/11.3KWh | 66AH/16.9KWh
Max. charging current (A) 50 A/DC
Charging curve Three-section charging
Charging voltage(V) 480 V/DC
Battery temperature compensation
Battery voltage monitor
Single cell voltage 3.2V
Energy density 90-160 WH/kg
Depth of discharge 90%
Cycle life >5000
ESS adopts a number of proprietary technology patents and unique design concepts. The power levels of the products cover 3KW-20kW (single-phase), 10KW-30KW (three-phase), off-grid energy storage and off-grid working modes for different application environments.To point-to-point active balancing BMS, high voltage inverter integration module (MPPT tracking, charge and discharge management, inverter, switch) and the integration of lithium battery, photovoltaic power, storage battery and power grid will perfect scheduling, increase the efficiency of photovoltaic power, and to reduce the loss of storage battery and depreciation, become electric comfortable uninterruptible power supply system.

Key Features:
1. Optimized power management
Integrated inverter module (MPPT tracking, charge/discharge management, inverter, cutover), achieves optimized power management.
2. Independent charging module
With active balancing Battery Management System(BMS), three-section charging, ensures optimized battery performance and life span.
3. Ultimate uninterruptable power system
Automatic 0 second switch between Solar, battery and city grid. Realizes uninterrupted use of home appliances.
4. Cost efficiency
Compact design, user-friendly interface, integrated system, plug & play installation.

System Demonstration

DSP Module

BMS Module

Battery cell

Battery pack

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