Modified Sine Wave Inverter 6800


Continuous power 300W
Peak power 600W
Overload power 350W
Input 12V/24V
Output 230V/110V
Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Static current ≤0.25A
Full load efficiency ≥85%
Shortcircuit protection YES
Overvoltage protection 15V
Low voltge alarm 10V/20V
Low voltge shutdown 9.5V/19V
Recovery from lowvoltage 11.5V/23V
Overtenperature protection YES
Reverse polarity protection YES
Size (H*W*L) 60*120*145
Weight (kg) 0.81
Need power when you are outside?
DOCS PURE Sine Wave Power Inverter is an ideal choice of providing power on the go. The compact and reliable DOCS PURE inverters converts battery power into household AC electricity. Available with range from 300W to 3000W, DOCS PURE inverter is suitable to power a variety of electronic products such as TV, laptop computers ,camcorder,lighting equipments, power tools and heavy duty work equipments.

■ Heavy duty aluminum housing
■ AC receptacles for connecting multiple loads
■ LED indicators for power and errors
■ Soft start technology for inductive load
■ Professional design for safe operation-low/high voltage protection, high temperature protection, high current protec􀆟on, short circuuit and overload protection

Inverter introduction
Difference between modified and pure sine wave inverter:

Modified sine wave inverter
The output of a modified sine wave inverter is produced by switching the output of the DC source between “negative” and “positive” which forms a “square” wave output pattern.

Pure sine wave inverter
The output of a Pure Sine Wave Inverter is perfect sine wave output that is indentical to the Household grid AC power.

Modified sine wave inverter advantages:
Compatible with most electronic devices
Best used for “tough” electronic devices such as heater, and power tools Cost effective Portable

Pure sine wave inverter advantages:
Strong compatibility with devices
■ Equivalent to standard house power with less distortion
■ Suitable to operate sensitive eletronic device
■ Easy motor startups
■ Higher surge capacity




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